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    Hi! I'm Janine. I'm an Executive Coach and Facilitator with Evolution. 


    I live in the intersection point between science and human experience. My superpower is combining these to support leaders in realizing their purpose, objectives, potential, and vision. My approach blends organizational best practices with depth in order to yield sustainable change. I’ve been trained in neuroscience and have a deep understanding of the emotional and physiological processes required for transformation. Most leaders I know are in constant GO mode. They live in their heads and function through action. Coaching lets leaders step back, take a breath, and gain the perspective necessary to create new ways of thinking, feeling, being and behaving.


    In addition to 1:1 Coaching, and facilitation of leadership development programs and offsites, I run a suite of unique offerings allowing leaders to develop in nature working with animals, including horses, wolves and wild animals in Kenya. These programs draw on the wisdom of nature and animals as parallels to healthy team dynamics and the self-awareness and self-regulation necessary for effective leadership. These experiences are so out of the ordinary, they allow access to new data sources and profound life-changing insights that are simply inaccessible in day-to-day life.



    To learn specifics about the programs I offer working with animal co-facilitators, click on the links below or contact me here:





    Watch this short video to get a feel for the Essential Leader program in Kenya is.


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